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December 2016, Nashville Post

Report recommends closer scrutiny of short-term rentals

Stephen Elliot

An independent consultant’s look at code enforcement in Nashville suggests the city needs more inspectors to handle continued growth in both development and visitor numbers.

Metro will begin utilizing HOST Compliance software at the recommendation of the report, submitted to the Metro Council by Fiscal Choice Consulting. The software will help track and identify short-term rental properties within Nashville, including tracking unpermitted rental properties in an attempt to collect unpaid taxes.

April 2016, Government Finance Review

Weathering Fluctuations in Building Permit Revenues

By Bruce Cowans and Jerry Wolf

Economic fluctuations make it difficult for governments to break even on the cost of providing building permits, which are required in most states. Rates are based on anticipated demand, which is difficult to predict. Boom-and-bust cycles often result in either too much or too little revenue. A surplus may lead to legal trouble, while a revenue shortfall may result in budget and service cuts.

Building departments are usually funded via permit fees paid by builders. Most building departments are part of the general fund, but many operate as enterprise funds. These departments offer a variety of services that may include site planning, plan review, trade permits, storm water drainage plans, arborist review, zoning, septic and well, and sediment control.