Areas of Expertise

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Financial Management

We provide fresh independent ideas to balance your budget and understand policy choices. We isolate outlier costs, address non-tax revenue and set standards for spending and staffing.

Grants Management

We can help you make the most of grant opportunities by advising on documentation, budgeting, reporting and reimbursements.

User Fees and Charges

We determine the cost of each billed service, compare it to current prices, test its reasonableness against our experience and advise how to implement changes.

Cost Sharing Methods

Shared services and consolidations are where innovative public officials are looking for efficiencies. We develop options, explain the pros and cons, help you decide what to do and write detailed implementation plans.

Dispute Resolution

We test if financial and operational terms are in your interest and are consistent with industry standards.

Turnaround Situations

Our knowledge of public operations is vital to resolving crises. Where turnaround firms are involved, we supply useful public sector industry benchmarks and best practices.